This year marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the appearance of the first issue of Heavy Metal, the famous sci-fi comic magazine. It appeared in the mid-1970s, just when a new, harder sound was born on electric guitars. Heavy Metal became a striking name to open up a huge artistic space in popular culture that survives and grows in several subgenres to this day.

Hence the decision to keep the original name, heavy metal, for the musical genre, although today it includes several different subgenres.

Heavy metal has always been close to horror, from originators like Black Sabbath, dealing with eerie iconography and dark themes: graves, demons, Devil, Hell, occultism, paganism, the living dead… There are too many examples, from Iron Maiden’s monster mascot Eddie to direct homage to the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft in the songs by Maiden, Metallica, Morbid Angel and countless others.

The former slaughterhouse proves to be an ideal space for hard sound coming from guitar distortions because with drum beats it reminds of a mix of historical circumstances which made the former economic giant from Doljevac, just like Heavy Metal, to reach its peak during the 1980s.

Why Heavy Metal?

Because we are still alive and the fight continues. During the three days of the “Slaughter Festival”, this will be shown by a kind of cross-section of the most current bands from the Serbian metal scene, with the guest appearances of bands from Greece and Bulgaria.

Željko Ljubić

Artistic Director of the Slaughter Heavy Metal Festival

Friday 01 06 2022

   19:00 – Bitter taste (SRB)

   20:00 – Shut (SRB)

   21:00 – Jenner (SRB)

   22:30 – Sewn Mouth (GRE)

Saturday 02 06 2022

   19:00 – Raindogs Chapter III (SRB)

   20:00 – Dawn Of Creation (SRB)

   21:00 – Alitor (SRB)

   22:30 – Panterchuggah (SRB)

Sunday 03 06 2022

   19:00 – Kramer (SRB)

   20:00 – Mud Factory (SRB)

   21:00 – Rejuvenation (BUL)

   22:30 – Metal-Lica (SRB)

first Hundred viewers will be able to taste free beer with popcorn every day

Admission is free 

for all visitors