The Golden Sledge Hammer for the movie “THE SUBSTANCE”

The Jury of Slaughter Fest 2024 was presided by Romain Roll, a genre cinema expert from Luxembourg, and its members were also Luka Bursać (director of VIDEOTHEQUE) and Arpad Slančik (artist, sculptor). The Jury decided to give the award, The Golden Sledge Hammer, to THE SUBSTANCE, directed by Coralie Fargeat.

slaughter horror film festival

The same Jury also decided the winner of The Golden Sledge Hammer for the best Serbian short horror film, and that is MIASMA, directed by Petar Tkalec.

The Jury’s Special mention goes to THE WELL by Federico Zampaglione, a brutal film which reminds us of the golden days of Italian horror cinema.

slaughter horror film festival

1. THE SUBSTANCE directed by Coralie Fargeat is awarded for the courageous approach, the originality in the reimagining of the great „body horror“ classics, and for the successful and bold breaking down of the barriers between the so-called festival film and genre film.

2. MIASMA, directed by Petar Tkalec, is a short film that captivates the viewer with a strong visual atmosphere, quality photography and an original twist in the theme where a son gives his life for the woman who gave him life.

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slaughter horror film festival